The company has joined the World Spa & Well-being Convention with the launch of new innovation technology, health and beauty, whatever as a bathroom, steam sauna, tub whirlpool, which has been accepted by the customer spa as well. In this work, the company has expanded trade away too. The company honored to be working with the world spa & well-being convention

Yuthwichai Aphinanratanakul
Deputy Managing Director
Microbath Co., Ltd.


I impress this event as it has been held for many years and this is my first time with World Spa & Well-being Convention. The event provide a great opportunity for Thai Product like us to have a chance expanding to international market

Vorapannee Chaipromprasit
Managing Director
VORA BULA International Beauty & Spa Co., Ltd.


The show was great and we have many quality buyers. We’re sure to come back next year!

Saruda Thanaphan
Managing Director
The Signature S Co., Ltd.


Since we gained a lot of both local and international buyers from last year, this is our second year with World Spa & Well-being Convention. The event attracts our real target buyers so we rebooked for the next edition already.

Suthida Bunpen
Assistant Foreign Manager
C.A.R.E Co., Ltd.