We have been so happy to attend World Spa & Well-being Convention. We had very successful meetings and are now closely working with some exhibitors for their distribution strategy. Well done and congratulations to the organizers!

Cathy and Michael Turvill
Hotel and Spa Essentials – The Philippines


The event turned out to be more than a simple exhibition, we had a chance to discover so many different products and companies more than what we are used to see in the area. This is a true one-step event and very well organized on the top of that!.

Rashid Gallyot
Club Bali Resort – Indonesia


Thank you for organizing such a successful event gathering all these industry’s specialists and experts under one roof.

Shekhar & Binbin
Goco Hospitality – Thailand


The exhibition was very enriching! We met interesting suppliers and manufacturers. Our venue has been perfectly scheduled by the organizer. I wish I could have stayed one more day! I would definitely like to come back next year.

Lance Lee
Lifestrong Marketing Inc – Philippines


I have enjoyed the business matching a lot. It is a very efficient way to get in touch with the right people. It was very well planned and I have met many potential suppliers. This can be considered as a very successful show for me!

Alexandra Schmutterer
Managing Director
SaakalyaPte Ltd – Singapore


We have running spa, wellness and health fitness. Weexpect to meet real spa people and spa expert to expandour business. We are also looking for a great product. I think thisshow is very useful and somehow more than expected. Wewill come again next year.

Sushil Babu Bataju
Managing Director
Kathmandu Spa P. Ltd. – Nepal